Kelly Yancey MX Training

Kelly teaches her riders the special techniques that helped her earn 10 National Championships, a trip to Loretta's Ranch and multiple accolades in all facets of our sport .

  • Loretta Lynn Alumni

  • 7 Time Mammoth Alumni

  • 3rd Place AMA Women's Championship

  • 3 Time GNCC Podium Finisher

  • BITD Four Stroke Expert Champion

  • AMA Big 6 Champion - Former Queen of Adelanto

  • 4 Time Tecate Hare Scramble Champion

Kelly Yancey's MX Spring Break / Summer Camp

1 & 3 Day Camp

Get Fast, Ride the Best Tracks, Make New Friends and Have the Best Time!

If your rider loves MX and wants to experience the best tracks then this camp is for you!

Each rider will be given the a top notch training program that will help them master each track on this 1 & 3 Day long riding school. The daily schedule will consists of drills, technique building, mastering obstacles and plenty of seat time to help built endurance and fitness. Riders will break down each section of each track with Kelly. Her patient and knowledgable approach makes for a successful combination when instructing your rider. Lap times will help monitor your riders progress and give motivation for improvement. Kelly will show the kids the correct way to train, while having fun!

Includes Goodie Bags from Kelly's Awesome Sponsors!

Excludes: Bikes, equipment, gas and entry fees.

RSVP with Kelly to hold your spot today as entries are limited.

Kelly Yancey Coaching

Great Reasons to go to Kelly Yancey MX Training

  • Instructor Kelly Yancey has over 28 years riding/race experience
  • 10x National Champion "Winning est Woman in off road racing"
  • Former Kawasaki-Team Green and Factory KTM rider
  • Who better to be taught by than Kelly!
  • Kelly Yancey MX Training hosts the "Coolest" MX Birthday parties
  • If a group setting isn't for you Kelly offers Private 1 on 1 Training, see prices below
  • What better to invest in other than your child's education?
  • Riders of all ages and skill levels welcome


Kelly Yancey MX Training takes place at the following tracks:

  • Milestone
  • Perris
  • Cahuilla Creek
  • Glen Helen
  • Comp Edge
  • Pala Raceway
  • LACR
  • Jordan River
  • Steadman's
  • RMR
  • Mesquite
  • SGMX

MX Camp daily schedule

9:00 Warm Up / Lap Times
9:30 Skill Drills
10:00 Track Technique
11:30 Track Time / Lap Times
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Track Technique
1:30 Trial Race
2:00 Wrap Up


  • Youth MX Training Group 2hrs $125
  • 1/2 Day Private Training - (1-2 riders) 3hrs $175
  • Full Day Private Training - (1-2 riders) 5hrs $225
  • Private Group (2+ riders)
  • 1 Day Camp (5hrs) $175

*Prices exclude any track or license fees, etc

Please contact Kelly for inquiries or reservations
(602) 524-6178


Chase Cannon

"Kelly Yancey MX Training is all around a great training camp. No matter what skill level you have she can still work with you. There is no section that she can't help to push you to make you better in. The first day of my training camp with Kelly we worked on a lot of things. By the end of the day I had dropped my lap times by 10 seconds. Kelly Yancey showed me how to blast through corners with confidence. So at the end of the day I believe that Kelly Yancey's training camp was excellent." - Chase Cannon

Viviana Contreras

"My daughter started training with Kelly in May of 2015. We have been with her program for a full year now and my daughter has improved her riding skill, speed and endurance by 100%! When I first started looking for a trainer, I was looking for someone who could relate and speak with my daughter and who would encourage her rather than point out her weaknesses. We found that and more in Kelly Yancey! My daughter went from being a good rider, but a little timid to a much faster rider who now wants to take the hole shots, who is not afraid to go bar to bar with the other riders, and who has incredible fight and determination on the race track! Kelly has shown her how to break a track down in training and how to approach each new jump, or corner with confidence and skill. This skill, I am also fortunate enough to find out has transferred to her school work as well. She has also improved in her school work and approaches new assignments in a similar confidence as her riding. I cannot say enough positive things about Kelly and her great training. I just consider my daughter and myself to be extremely lucky to have found Kelly and been able to train with her. She is definitely a part of our family!" - Sandie Contreras

Gordon Teuber

"Attending camp Kelly has been a great experience for my 9 year old son. Kelly has taught him good habits on the track, specifically helping him with his cornering speed and posture. The camps are not only fun, they are a very positive atmosphere for kids." - Gordon Teuber

Caden Talbot

"Kelly is the best to work with!

Kelly has been working hard with Caden on his technique during starts and in the corners. His confidence and riding ability are improving every week.

Her excitement and knowledge for the sport really shows, and that results in a great training experience! I would highly recommend this program to all levels!"
- Chris Talbot

Riley Moore

"Kelly has helped Riley improve immensely in his riding and technique this past year. Riley began with her as a starter and is now an Advanced PeeWee 4-6 contender. We started off in one of her amazing camps and it was then that Riley fell in love! So soon after we consulted her about doing private lessons and that is when our real journey began. She has taught him the importance of hard work and has instilled confidence in himself. She is a big part of our program and has an amazing bond with not just Riley but all the kids she comes across! We are very proud of how far Riley has come and very grateful that Kelly has helped him get there!" - Riley Moore

Micheal Knapp

"Kelly Yancey is a true riders rider, and coach. She is a patient, professional, and a well rounded pro. My seven year old son had a fear of jumping for six months, he had it a wall he couldn’t push through. Kelly not only took the time to coach him, she helped him work through his fear of jumping and built up his level of confidence. By the end of the day he was jumping a double on the main track at Elsinore. Without Kelly I don’t think he would have qualified for Mammoth. Thank you Kelly for building his confidence, taking the extra time, and extending the patience that I wish I had." - Michael Knapp

RJ McKee

"Since training with Kelly, our racing experience has become far more enjoyable .we are faster ,safer and having a lot more fun. I highly recommend Kelly Yancey MX training." - RJ McKee

Emerson Baril

"Within 1 year Coach Kelly has brought Emerson’s riding skills to a complete new level. Emerson went from a rider who was getting lapped to a consistent top 4th place finish. Kelly helped Emerson develop skills which enabled him to ride at the Junior KTM Supercross in Dallas, Texas. She has taught him how to attack the track with skills that prepared him to jump his first double double with precision. Kelly has taught Emerson the technique needed to charge and drop time of his laps, most importantly, stay safe while doing it. Emerson loves every minute he spends with Coach Kelly and we trust her wholeheartedly with our precious little boy." - Emerson Baril

Harlem Nelson

"Kelly is the best trainer ever!!! She has helped me with my riding technique and confidence. She's taken my riding to the next level.". - Harlem Nelson

Logun Allstead

"My son, Logun started racing in the summer of 2015. He started in a true starter class and was last place in his first few races. THEN, we met Kelly Yancey. After his first training camp, he moved up three positions, ending a six race series, fourth overall. With continued training, in less than one year, Logun has excelled tremendously, making him a top competitor in beginner 7-8 classes and open age group classes.
Kelly Yancey's ability to instill proper riding techniques, bike safety, and track etiquette is unparalleled. Thank you Kelly. We look forward to continued training excellence.".
- Randy and Logun Allstead
Yucaipa, CA

Dylan Drake

"I had so much fun at the Kelly Yancey MX Camp! I learned a lot and made some new friends!". - Dylan Drake, age 9